Château Rousset Caillau Rouge AOC BORDEAUX 2019


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產區: 波爾多


梅洛 Merlot 80%                  
卡本內蘇維翁  Cabernet Sauvignon 20%

Alcohol: 14%

香氣 Le nez



La bouche:

胡賽卡利莊園 Chateau rousset Caillau

自1929年起,歷經四代的家族傳承.  持續傳遞著一個優雅而卓越的理念:想要糾正整個歐洲地區一個錯誤的想法「好的波爾多葡萄酒一定是昂貴的.」.多年來釀造的葡萄酒也反映了整個家族的性格,釀酒的志業也不斷的磨練了他們的知識與技能.
Started in  1929, four generations have inherited this vineyard in the region of Bordeaux. The exploitation showed excellence and elegance: correcting the idea perceived across the Atlantic to think that a “good Bordeaux is an expensive Bordeaux”. Throughout years the vintages produced reflect a family adventure. And their skills and knowledge have continuously been used in their vocation of making wine.

The winery is on the watershed, between the Garonne and the Dordogne. So, we find only small creeks. It was thus necessary to dig ponds and puddles to make water supply.

The vines are on lands argilo-limestones for the greater part and facing south, southwest, southeast, a favorable orientation for the culture of the latter, with moderate slopes.

The property joined the family in 1929 under the name of Goulpier. After being baker in Doulezon, the Goulpier family sold their business at the end of the war, at the 1929 depreciation. On the 12 hectares of the property, 10 were dedicated to the mixed farming and 2 for the vines. At that time, they made especially sweet white wines.

From 1958 to 1974, the daughter of Goulpier family who got married with Jacques Falgueyret inherited the property. So, the farm changed its name and got bigger. They got back 15 hectares of vines and they began slowly red wines.

In 1974, Michel Falgueyret received the vineyards in inheritance.He began to work at 15 years old and learned the wine grower’s job at his father. At 21 years old, he was foreman in a property of 40 hectares during 5 years, before taking back the family vineyards. Michel Falgueyret made a lot of things; it’s like that he learned. Working for Spanish, he learned Spanish, working as treasurer and agricultural expert, he learned to manage the domain from which he inherited.

At his beginning in the family property, Michel Falgueyret began to work in the wines with a horse before changing for mechanicals. The oil crisis of 1972 permited him to develop the property thanks to the system of inflation. He bought lands and three houses around his winery. Michel Falgueyret extended his property with 35 hectares of vines and 7 hectares of cereal. The domain took a form of a winery. He had always worked with private individuals or people who knew his philosophy, indeed, the property is not organic but they paid attention to the environment and this pass through observation to know when treat the vines, where and how.