Le Cloitre de Sainte Roseline 


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聖玫瑰園(ChâteauSainte Roseline)是普羅旺斯地區最古老,最負盛名的莊園之一。 Sainte Roseline的遺體陳列在1329年去世後建造的小教堂中,今天朝聖者仍在參觀。

Château Sainte Roseline is one of the most historic and prestigious estates in all of the Côtes de Provence. Sainte Roseline’s body is displayed in the chapel that was built after her death in 1329 and still is visited by pilgrims today.

  1. 葡萄品種 Assemblage:
    仙梭 Cinsault 50%
    歌海娜 Grenache 20%
    赤霞珠 Cabernet Sauvignon 20%
    慕合懷特 Mourvèdre 10%

葡萄酒散發出明亮的半透明粉紅色,並帶有銅亮點。紅漿果和熱帶水果的香氣與草本香料的風味,和岩石的礦物質感交織在一起。這款Cru Classé血統書體現了葡萄酒的風味濃郁和豐富的口感,同時保持了明亮,充滿活力的酸度。此款酒品易於單獨享用,也非常適合各種類型的海鮮,從海洋鱸魚,章魚到箭魚,但也可以與風味十足的混合蔬菜沙拉搭配使用。

The wine emanates a brilliant translucent pink with copper highlights. Aromas and flavors of red berry and tropical fruits intermingle with savory herbs and rocky mineral notes. The Cru Classé pedigree is evident in the flavor concentration and rich mouthfeel of the wine, while maintaining a bright, vibrant acidity. Easy to enjoy on its own, the Château Sainte Roseline is also perfect with all types of seafood from ocean perch to octopus to swordfish, but would pair equally well with a full-flavored mixed vegetable salad.

風土無與倫比的粘土和石灰石土壤以及地下泉水,為葡萄樹提供了穩定的水源,幾乎每年都能實現完美的平衡。該莊園的歷史,加上出色的葡萄園和美味的葡萄酒,是為什麼聖玫瑰園(Chateau Sainte Roseline)成為普羅旺斯(Provençal)以下20個被評為Cru Class的莊園之一。

The terroir is unmatched with its clay and limestone soil as well as an underground spring, which allows a steady source of water for the vines, allowing perfect balance to be achieved almost every year. The history of the estate, combined with its excellent vineyards and delectable wines, is why Château Sainte Roseline is one of under twenty Provençal estates that are ranked as Cru Classé.